HeartCycle: Compliance and effectiveness in HF and CHD closed-loop management

Scientific Publications

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"Where are the unmet needs? What is the Target Population?"
John G Cleland; Workshop Panel Discussion during the "Expert Workshop: How to turn a prognostic factor into a therapeutic decision and monitoring tool? Design and methodological issues" at the 7th Global CardioVascular Clinical Trialists Forum in Paris (CVCT Forum 2010).

"Characterization of textile electrodes for home care"
M. Ulbrich, S. Leonhardt; IEEE Workshop Medizinische Messsysteme; Nov 2010

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"Automatic Feature Selection and Classification of Physical and Mental Load using Data from Wearable Sensors"
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"Simulation of Continuous Spectroscopic Bioimpedance Measurements for Impedance Cardiography"
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"Simulation of Continuous Spectroscopic Bioimpedance Measurements for Impedance Cardiography"
M. Ulbrich, J. Mühlsteff, M. Walter, S. Leonhardt; Book Chapter in Book "Lecture Notes on Impedance Spectroscopy: Measurement, Modeling and Applications, Volume 2"

"Living independently with chronic illnesses - promise and reality of added value from telehealth services"
K.A. Stroetmann; European Presidency of Belgium Ministerial Conference on Chronic Illness; Oct 2010

"Development and clinical evaluation of a physiological data acquisition device for monitoring and exercise guidance of heart failure and chronic heart disease patients"
A. Kokonozi, A. Astaras; Conf Proc CinC 2010; Sep 2010

"HeartCycle: Beyond building demonstrators. A structured approach to develop, implement and validate healthcare innovations in telemonitoring"
H. Reiter; Conf Proc EMBC2010;1:6847-6849; Sep 2010

"e_Disease Management. A system for the management of the chronic conditions"
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"Cardiovascular risk and status assessment"
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"A system to promote self-behaviors of patients with coronary heart disease"
M. Ottaviano, C. Vera-Munoz, MT. Arredondo, D. Salvi;Conf Proc EMBC2010;1:3843-3846; Sep 2010

"EEG Complexity during Sleep: on the effect of micro and macro sleep structure"
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"Structured telephone support or telemonitoring programmes for patients with chronic heart failure."
Inglis SC, Clark RA, McAlister FA, Ball J, Lewinter C, Cullington D, Stewart S, Cleland JG.; Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2010 Aug 4;(8):CD007228.

"Innovations in tele-monitoring for heart disease: MyHeart and HeartCycle"
JGF Cleland; European Society of Cardiology Congress 2010; Aug 2010

"Promotion of self management during cardiac rehabilitation"
M. Ottaviano; 4th national workshop of telemedicine and e health; Jul 2010

"Smart textile and CVD (MyHeart, HeartCycle)"
H. Reiter; pHealth 2010; May 2010

"The overall concept of HEARTCYCLE for pHealth delivery to CHF and CAD patients through new multiparametric methods"
H. Reiter, N Maglaveras and the HEARTCYCLE Consortium; pHealth 2010; May 2010

"The new telemonitoring generation and its effects and prospects in CHF patient treatment"
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"Heartcycle sensors and parameter extraction"
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"Intelligent methods for decision support for monitoring patient in a holistic manner"
N. Maglaveras; pHealth 2010; May 2010

"Education and coaching to promote self care in cardiac patients"
W. Stut; pHealth 2010; May 2010

"A model for professional support to innovative chronic conditions management"
M.T. Menue-Barreira; pHealth 2010; May 2010

"Sleep staging based on signals acquired through bed sensor"
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"Pre-clinical physiological data acquisition and testing of the IMAGE sensing device for exercise guidance and real-time monitoring of cardiovascular disease patients"
A. Astaras, A. Kokonozi, E. Michail, D. Filos, I. Chouvarda, O. Grossenbacher, J.-M. Koller, R. Leopoldo, J.-A. Porchet, M. Correvon, J. Luprano, A. Sipilä and N. Maglaveras; Conf Proc MEDICON 2010; 29:240-243; May 2010

"An Architecture for Data Collection and Processing in Context-Aware Applications"
D. Salvi, M. Ottaviano; Conf Proc MEDICON 2010; May 2010

"An Implementation Framework for Personalized Health Applications"
D. Salvi, I. Peinado, S. Salvi and M.T Arredondo; Conf Proc MEDICON 2010; May 2010
"Which approach is the most cost-effective"
Simon Robinson; Heart Failure 2010 (European Society of Cardiology); May 2010

"Major innovations in tele-health: Motiva, MyHeart and HeartCycle"
J. Wals; Heart Failure 2010 (European Society of Cardiology); May 2010

"What is the potential for telemedicine in heart failure?"
J Cleland; Heart Failure 2010 (European Society of Cardiology); May 2010

"Ten-HMS and consequences for chronic heart failure (CHF) disease management"
J Cleland; German Cardiac Society Meeting; Apr 2010

"Avaliação e predição de risco e estado cardiovascular"
J. Henriques; III Jornadas sobre tecnologia e saúde 2010; Apr 2010

"MyHeart and HeartCycle: European eHealth research for prevention, compliance and effectiveness in HF and CAD management"
P. Carvalho, J. Henriques; Portoguese Cardiology Conference; Apr 2010

"Analysis of the Aortic Influence on the Impedance Cardiography Signal by a Simple Model using Finite Integration Technique"
M. Ulbrich, A. Schauermann, S. Leonhardt; Arbeitsgruppe Simulation (ASIM) 2010; Mar 2010

"What does the future look like"
J Cleland; Meeting of the Belgian Society of Cardiology; Jan 2010

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